A Democratic senator thinks the 24-hour Senate-floor speechifying against President Trump’s nomination to lead the Department of Education won’t end up bearing fruit.

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said on CNN Tuesday that the effort to speak through the night against Betsy DeVos is “unlikely” to lead to one more Republican senator breaking ranks to tank her nomination. It appears the Senate is split 50-50 on DeVos’s nomination, and Vice President Mike Pence is expected to break the tie on Tuesday.

“It’s unlikely we’re going to get that 51st vote but we’re going to try until the very last minute,” Murphy said.

Democrats have held the floor since Monday, with various members of the conference speaking against DeVos in an attempt to halt her nomination.

Murphy said she’s unqualified because she seems to not believe in public education. DeVos never attended public school and didn’t send her children to public school. Her family is a massive donor to Republican politicians and she’s been a strong advocate for, and bankroller of, charter schools.

Murphy said it appeared DeVos didn’t know enough about the law, at one point not realizing there was a federal statute to protect children with disabilities in schools. He was also sensitive to her proposal to allow guns in schools.

“She seemed to not have any recognition of the federal law that protects students with disabilities in our schools,” he said. Murphy added, “When you put those issues together, the lack of compassion for what’s happened in places like Sandy Hook and an inability to understand just the basic law to help vulnerable students,” he could not cast a vote for her.

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