Vice President Mike Pence believes President Trump is in the process of rebuilding the United States’ relationship with Russia, and didn’t mean to suggest the United States is morally equivalent with that country by saying the U.S. also has “a lot of killers” in it like Russia.

“What President Trump is determined to do is reassert American leadership on the world stage and look for renewed relationships with countries around the world, including Russia,” Pence said on Fox News in an interview taped Sunday but that aired on Monday.

“The statements that he made were not in any way a moral equivalency between the high ideals and practices of the American people and the people of Russia, rather what the president is seeking to do is to begin anew our relationship with the people of Russia and their leadership, ways that we can begin to work together,” he said.

Trump’s diplomacy has been under the spotlight in the last week after reports leaked of contentious phone calls with the leaders of Mexico and Australia, two typically stalwart American allies.

However, Trump had a friendly phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin and it appears that Trump is looking toward Moscow to help fight terrorism abroad. Pence said it’s all a part of Trump’s attempts to defeat the Islamic State and form new relationships to help in that fight.

“We have to develop new coalitions and new partnerships to combat radical Islamic terrorism and particularly Russia and the U.S. have a common enemy in ISIS,” Pence said. “The president has made a priority of pulling together the world and the resources of the United States to hunt down and destroy ISIS so it can no longer threaten us or inspire violence in the homeland.”

Pence also defended Trump’s comments Sunday on CBS.

“We now have a president who is re-engaging a world from which America has been stepping back over the last eight years,” the former Indiana governor said.

Bolton: Trump should 'tear up' the Iran nuclear deal

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Bolton called the Iran deal “diplomatic malpractice.”

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Justice Department demolishes the case against Trump's order

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James Robart, the U.S. district judge in Washington State, offered little explanation for his decision to stop President Trump’s executive order temporarily suspending non-American entry from seven terror-plagued countries. Robart simply declared his belief that Washington State, which in its lawsuit against Trump argued that the order is both illegal and unconstitutional, would likely win the case when it is tried.

Now the government has answered Robart, and unlike the judge, Justice Department lawyers have produced a point-by-point demolition of Washington State’s claims.

02/05/17 7:31 PM

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