President Trump, a long-time friend of New England Patriots players and staff, predicted the 2015 Super Bowl winners will take this year’s game by more than a touchdown.

“I’ll say the Patriots will win,” Trump told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly in a pre-taped interview that aired before the game on Sunday. “By eight points.”

Trump was hesitant to answer O’Reilly’s question about his thoughts on the game between the Atlanta Falcons and Patriots. He touted his relationships with Patriots owner Bob Kraft, coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.

“The coach is a great coach. I think the other team is fantastic,” Trump said. “Turned out to be a good quarterback, but there’s less pressure on the Patriots because they’ve been there. Once you’ve won, once you’ve done it, and they’ve done it, once you’ve done it, there’s a lot less pressure. So we’ll see what happens. But, you know, you have to stick up for your friends, right?”

The last time the Falcons made it to a Super Bowl was 1999, when they lost Denver Broncos 34-19.

Trump: If something bad happens, blame the judge for halting order

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“If something happens, blame him and the court system,” Trump tweeted.

02/05/17 3:50 PM

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