President Trump believes Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto would be “very willing” to accept U.S. military support to fight the drug cartels in Mexico.

In an interview that aired on Sunday afternoon, Trump confirmed to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly that he had spoken with Pena Nieto about partnering to defeat the cartels and using U.S. soldiers to help.

“We have to do something about the cartels. I did talk to him about it. I want to help him with it,” Trump said. “He seemed very willing to get help from us because he has got a problem … and it’s a real problem for us. Don’t forget those cartels are operating in our country. And they’re poisoning the youth of our country.”

Pena Nieto was scheduled to visit Trump in Washington, but canceled his visit after Trump signed an executive order demanding a wall on the southern border be completed. The following day, the two leaders spoke by phone in a conversation that included Trump’s telling Pena Nieto he would send troops to Mexico if it did not dismantle the cartels.

“You have a bunch of bad hombres down there,” Trump said during the call. “You aren’t doing enough to stop them. I think your military is scared. Our military isn’t, so I just might send them down to take care of it.”

In the Sunday-aired interview, Trump reiterated his support for the Mexican administration and said the comment was meant to offer assistance for fighting the cartels and drug distribution to the U.S., which he views as the Mexico’s “No. 1” problem.

Trump: If something bad happens, blame the judge for halting order

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“If something happens, blame him and the court system,” Trump tweeted.

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