White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Friday said “there’s no question” that Iran’s two recent ballistic missile tests were done to provoke the U.S. to learn how different the Trump and Obama administrations will respond to their defiant actions.

“Iran should not be provoking us. They got a sweetheart deal. They’re getting a lot from the United States. And I think the United States needs to make sure that they understand that if they act out of provisions of the agreement, that we are going to act,” Spicer told MSNBC host Greta Van Susteren. “I think Iran’s going to feel the might of the sanctions, and if they continue to act so, I think the president’s been very clear that there’s more to come and they’re playing with fire.”

“I think for eight years they got away with it. And I think there’s some degree to which they want to know how much has changed,” Spicer added.

Earlier on Friday, National Security Adviser Mike Flynn announced 25 sanctions against Iran, a move Spicer said was the White House’s “first step” to keeping Iran in check. The December and January tests did not violate the Iran nuclear deal, but did break UN Resolution 2231, which called for a stop to “any activity” related to ballistic missiles’ carrying nuclear weapons.

Spicer did not state whether Trump plans to keep or repeal the Iran deal, despite Trump routinely bashing the agreement while on the campaign trail. In addition, he also suggested military action also is not off the table.

“Look, if you heard Donald Trump talk throughout the campaign, the reason that he’s so successful as a negotiator is that he doesn’t take things off the table. He doesn’t talk about what he’s going to do. He doesn’t telegraph it. That’s the worst thing someone can do in trying to negotiate,” Spicer said.

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