Vice President Mike Pence made a promise Saturday that President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch will soon be confirmed to his seat.

“We’re in the promise-keeping business,” Pence told a crowd at a Federalist Society event in Philadelphia, citing a promise by Trump during his presidential campaign that he would nominate a conservative judge to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Democratic lawmakers have come out against Gorsuch’s nominee, and have also threatened to filibuster his confirmation hearings. However, Pence dismissed those threats.

“I believe Neil Gorsuch will soon take his seat as an associate justice on the Supreme Court of the United States,” Pence said to applause.

He cautioned Democrats against using a filibuster on Gorsuch, saying doing so “would be an unwise and and unprecedented act.”

According to Pence, no associate justice nominee to the court has ever faced a successful filibuster.

“And Justice Neil M. Gorsuch should not be the first,” he added.

“President Trump and I have full confidence that Judge Gorsuch will be confirmed,” Pence explained, adding, “We will work with the Senate leadership to ensure that Judge Gorsuch gets and up or down vote on the Senate floor one way or the other.”

His comments are a dig at Senate Democrats, who remain upset that GOP leaders declined to ever hold a hearing for President Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland.

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“This seat does not belong to any party or any ideology or any interest group. This seat on the Supreme Court belongs to the American people,” he concluded. “And the American people deserve a vote on the floor of the [U.S.] Senate.”

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