The volume of regulations that pours out of the federal government has been cut dramatically under President Trump, who so far is publishing a daily federal rulebook that on average is about 70 percent smaller than the last several published under President Obama.

In its first seven business days, the Trump administration’s Federal Register has averaged 189 pages. That includes the 510-page Federal Register published on Jan. 23, which included many last rules that were developed under Obama.

Since January 23, the size of the register has only eclipsed 200 pages on one day, and three times, it has been less than 100 pages.

In contrast, the register averaged 642 pages a day during Obama’s last 12 business days. On Obama’s last full day in office, Jan. 19, the register was a whopping 1,466 pages.

The confirmation of just a handful of Trump’s Cabinet picks is a likely factor in the steep dropoff in regulatory volume. But Trump has also made deregulation a central theme of his presidency, so while there are fewer pages in the register, Trump has also changed the nature of what’s on a typical Federal Register page.

The register published on Monday, for example, included a few of Trump’s latest executive orders and memos aimed at expediting environmental reviews of infrastructure projects, constructing pipelines, and reducing federal rules for manufacturers.

It’s a massive turnaround after eight years of Obama, who let the federal regulatory machinery expand and drew complaints from Republicans who said those rules prevented U.S. growth from ever exceeding 3 percent annually during Obama’s eight years.

It was also a major campaign theme for Trump, who has moved quickly to rein in federal rules, and has inspired congressional Republicans to reactive their deregulatory agenda that went nowhere under Obama.

And more is coming.

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On Monday, Trump signed an executive order requiring that two regulations be eliminated for every new order imposed. The order also requires agencies to severely restrict the cost of any new rules they put out.

A non-government analysis said Trump quickly froze regulations planned by President Obama that would have cost companies and taxpayers $181 billion.

In the meantime, congressional Republicans have resumed efforts to pass legislation aimed at undoing years worth of Obama rules, emboldened by Trump’s election victory and the prospect that many of their ideas could become law.

On Wednesday, the House voted to repeal the Stream Protection Rule, which the GOP said harmed coal miners. The GOP has also taken aim at Obama’s labor regulations.

And of course, both Trump and congressional Republicans started the year by shooting to dismantle Obamacare, Obama’s signature law that the GOP says has hamstrung businesses with new requirements, and led to rising insurance premiums for millions of people who were told those premiums would fall.

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