A Reuters/Ipsos poll released Tuesday afternoon found nearly half of U.S. adults support President Trump’s executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from seven countries with ties to terrorism, and halt all refugee programs for 120 days.

The Jan. 30-31 poll concluded that 49 percent of adults “strongly” or “somewhat” agree with the Trump administration’s action. A total 41 percent “strongly” or “somewhat” disagreed with the White House’s move. Ten percent said they are undecided on the Jan. 27 announcement.

The majority of Democrats, 53 percent, said they “strongly disagree” with Trump, while 51 percent of Republicans said they “strongly agree” with the policy to block people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Thirty-one percent of all respondents said they feel “more safe” with the ban in effect, but 26 percent feel “less safe” as a result of the executive order.

Some Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, have decried the move as discriminating on the basis of religion since the seven countries are majority-Muslim nations. Trump and top officials said the move targeted countries where they are working to implement “extreme vetting” protocols in order to prevent possible terrorists from entering the U.S.

Trump also said his administration will give preference to Christian refugees, a move that 56 percent of those polled oppose.

The poll was conducted in all 50 states with 1,201 respondents, including 453 Democrats and 478 Republicans. The margin of error for the total group was 3 percentage points and among parties it was 5 percentage points.

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