Insurance industry chief Marilyn Tavenner Wednesday morning laid out insurers’ most specific and pointed requests yet as Congress works to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Tavenner, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans, asked senators on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee to keep providing insurers with all of the law’s subsidies, as well extra payments shielding them from losses — at least in the short term. She warned that if they don’t, they risk destabilizing the individual insurance market, prompting higher premiums and fewer choices for consumers.

But that’s not all Congress needs to do, Tavenner said.

“While these policies are critically important, they by themselves are not sufficient to ensure a stable and workable transition for consumers and patients,” Tavenner said. “This is especially the case if the requirement to have insurance or pay a tax penalty is eliminated this year without workable alternatives to promote continuous coverage and market stability.”

She laid out a list of additional recommendations for encouraging more insurance buying among young people, who haven’t flocked to the marketplaces as advocates for the Affordable Care Act had hoped. She especially stressed that if Congress is going to eliminate the individual mandate to buy insurance — as Republicans have vowed to do — they must find other ways to encourage healthy people to buy coverage.

According to Tavenner, Congress should also:

— Change the “age bands” ratio governing the premiums insurers can charge young people relative to older people. Right now, the ratio is 3 to 1, but Tavenner wants it changed to 5 to 1.

— If they’re going to eliminate the individual mandate, then require people to have continuous coverage.

— Set up risk pools for the highest-risk patients.

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— Repeal the healthcare law’s taxes, including its Health Insurance Tax, or HIT.

— Improve how eligibility is verified for people signing up for marketplace plans.

Tavenner also laid out some insurer priorities for the long term. Congress should provide tax credits to ensure lower-income Americans can afford coverage, give states more flexibility in how they run their marketplaces, permanently change the age bands, and require people to have continuous coverage to make sure they don’t just sign up when they get sick, she said.

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