The Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved Elaine Chao’s nomination to be the next secretary of transportation, installing one of the least controversial members of President Trump’s Cabinet.

Chao, the wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, sailed through her confirmation hearings with warm wishes from both sides of the aisle, after winning approval in committee by voice vote.

After serving as labor secretary during George W. Bush’s administration and deputy secretary of transportation under George H.W. Bush, Chao was viewed as perhaps the most thoroughly vetted nominee Trump has chosen.

She will lead the push on Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan, help move the bill through Congress, and oversee implementation if it becomes law.

Fiscal conservatives have said they worry about how the infrastructure plan will be paid for, but will likely work with Trump on what may be one of few areas of bipartisan compromise on one of his top agenda items.

During her hearings, Democrats pressed her about railroad safety and whether the Transportation Department would meet a deadline to install systems to monitor trains and prevent them from colliding, derailing or speeding.

Chao said she wasn’t aware of the deadline but if there is one, would “look at it seriously.”

Democrats also asked her whether she would work to curb greenhouse emissions as transportation secretary. She said only that she is “not familiar with what the department is doing right now.”

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I’m very disappointed in this type of crap,” committee Chairman Orrin Hatch said.

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