Roger Stone, a controversial political consultant and longtime confidante of President Trump’s, believes divine intervention was at play in the 2016 election.

In a new book, Stone describes the moment he said it occurred to him that Trump was destined for big things.

“Donald told me he couldn’t meet me because he was leaving for Atlantic City with a group of his executives by helicopter,” Stone writes in “The Making of a President: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution,” an early copy of which was provided to the Washington Examiner. “I convinced him to wait for me, sending the executives on ahead and having the chopper return to pick up Trump and bring him to Atlantic City later.”

The conversation with Trump, according to Stone, happened in 1989, when Stone was working as a lobbyist for Trump and had intended to inform his boss of progress on some regulatory rules.

Stone said that after arriving to meet with Trump, the superintendent of the New Jersey state police called to inform him that the helicopter had crashed, killing the executives aboard.

The crash has been reported on before, though some have doubted whether Trump was ever actually supposed to be aboard it as well.

“This was the point at which I realized that Trump had been put on Earth for this larger purpose,” said Stone. “This was the point that I realized he would be president.”

Stone’s book is a look at his relationship with Trump, his campaign’s appeal to voters and the political dynamics he believed put Trump in the White House.

Stone was a senior adviser to the campaign for a short time but resigned after, as he writes in his book, a clash with then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

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