President Trump was condemned Saturday by the very mode of communication he often turns to when he cracks insults at his critics and political opponents.

A day after President Trump signed an executive order that temporarily suspends immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and bars refugees from entering the U.S., Twitter shot back: “Twitter is built by immigrants of all religions. We stand for and with them, always.”

All day Saturday Trump faced criticisms and challenges to his executive order from politicians, rights groups and others on social media. Protests erupted at airports nationwide to protests after it was reported that refugees were being detained upon landing in the U.S.

A judge granted a temporary stay on the ban Saturday evening.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also chimed in on his personal Twitter account, which had several retweets of civil rights groups’ updates on stay.

“The Executive Order’s humanitarian and economic impact is real and upsetting. We benefit from what refugees and immigrants bring to the U.S.,” he tweeted Saturday evening.

Later he responded to one Twitter user’s remark that read :”So that is why you allowed racists/neo nazis to use your site organize and harass? Do better @jack.”

What's the real deal on this 'Muslim ban'?

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What does this executive order do?

The Executive Order has four main policies

1) Places a 90 day moratorium on entry to the U.S. from the seven countries named in a 2015 law aimed at requiring stricter vetting for people entering from Iran or countries overrun by jihadist violence.

2) Suspends admission of refugees from any country for 120 days in order to conduct a review of the program.

3) Suspends admissions of refugees from Syria indefinitely.

4) Caps the number of refugees this year at 50,000

How does President Trump have the authority to do this?

Federal law, specifically the Immigration and Nationalization Act, gives the President pretty broad authority to block classes of

01/28/17 10:12 PM

“[W]e are working hard at it,” Dorsey replied.

Court orders emergency stay on Trump's immigration order

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“Nationwide injunction – no one can be removed – [government] must provide list of names of [people] affected.”

01/28/17 9:32 PM

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