Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton defended President Trump on Sunday over his executive order barring travel from seven countries featuring Muslim-majority populations, specifically against Democratic claims that the order is a “religious test.”

In a statement, the Arkansas Republican argued that it is “simply wrong” to call the executive order, which bans travel from the seven countries for 120 days, a “‘religious test’ of any kind.” He added that the order represents “common-sense measures,” which he says should include “proper procedures” to help those holding green cards and have helped U.S. service members in combat.

“It’s simply wrong to call the president’s executive order concerning immigration and refugees ‘a religious test’ of any kind,” Cotton said. “I doubt many Arkansans or Americans more broadly object to taking a harder look at foreigners coming into our country from war-torn nations with known terror networks; I think they’re wondering why we don’t do that already.”

“With proper procedures for green-card holders and immigrants with a documented history of serving alongside our troops, I think most Americans support these common-sense measures,” Cotton said.

Cotton also pressed that Trump is right to fix “an ill-designed refugee program,” which he says harms Christians and other religious minorities under attack in Syria. Trump told the Christian Broadcasting Network last week that Christian refugees from the seven countries under the temporary travel ban will receive priority status.

“I also think it’s high time we took action to fix an ill-designed refugee program that harms Christians and other religious minorities who’ve suffered from genocide in Syria,” Cotton said. “Whatever the media and liberal politicians may say, I’m confident that, under Secretary Kelly’s leadership, these measures will help keep America safe.”

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