The niece of Martin Luther King Jr. says the hundreds of thousands of women who marched last weekend to protest President Trump need to heed her uncle’s calls for unity and healing.

“Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘We must learn to live to live together as brothers and sisters or perish as fools,'” Dr. Alveda King told the Washington Examiner ahead of Friday’s March for Life. King said the Bible teaches “we are one blood, so I think it’s time for that blood to come together for healing.”

King said she agrees with many of the demonstrators on the issues of equal pay, being safe from domestic violence and combating human trafficking but wants the women of America to include life from conception to natural death. For King, that includes the unborn, sick and elderly.

King acknowledged the enormous power and statement that the Women’s March sent but signaled that healing should be the ultimate aim. “Protesting is good but healing is better. We need to see America heal.”

As the Republican-majority Congress wrestles with the future of Obamacare and federal funding of Planned Parenthood, King called on lawmakers to stop viewing abortion as healthcare and instead view it as what she calls “death care.” She’s urging legislators to use taxpayer money for what she considers healing efforts rather than what she feels will harm women.

She also sounded support for President Trump’s executive action prohibiting foreign aid to groups that provide abortion and is optimistic about who he could name to the Supreme Court.

King endorsed Trump in August, saying at the time, she saw his plan for urban communities as promising.

White House shows strongest support yet for March for Life

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01/27/17 12:01 AM

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