Kellyanne Conway, a top adviser to President Trump, shot back at those in the media who have suggested it may be time for news outlets to stop interviewing her.

In an interview published Thursday in the Hollywood Reporter, Conway said she knows a boycott like that wouldn’t work for a news media that wants access to the new White House.

“I can put my shoes and panty hose back on and go on any show at any time,” she said.

Conway is a staple on cable news, and usually does multiple TV interviews per day. In recent days, some journalists and political commentators said that there is no benefit for the public in interviewing Conway.

“I don’t think the people interviewing Kellyanne Conway know why they are doing that,” New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen told the website Recode. “The journalistic logic of it is growing dimmer with every interview.”

He said that Conway’s statements in interviews often contradict Trump’s and only create more confusion.

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