White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Wednesday that the Trump administration has not ordered workers at federal agencies to stop using their official Twitter accounts.

“They haven’t been directed by us to do anything,” Spicer said at his press briefing.

Former National Park Service employees this week began revolting against President Trump’s perceived directives barring them from using their official Twitter accounts by starting their own.

“Hello, we are the Alternative National Park Service Twitter Account activated in time of war and censorship to ensure fact-based education,” the official Twitter account of the revolting federal workers read Wednesday.

“This account should not have to exist & we are sorry for any problems we are causing our colleagues. But we didn’t start this. #resist,” it read Wednesday after initially tweeting late Monday night, “Can’t wait for President Trump to call us FAKE NEWS. You can take our official twitter, but you’ll never take our free time!”

@AltUSNatParkService was created to tweet “scientific info on climate change, which official National Park Service accounts are now prohibited from doing,” follower Barb Campbell added in retweeting the group’s initial declaration of “war.”

The Twitter account for Redwoods National Park tweeted a climate change fact early Tuesday afternoon, and the Death Valley account posted several tweets about Japanese interment camps during World War II.

The fight started Friday after the National Park Service retweeted photos of the inaugural crowd at President Obama’s and Trump’s inaugurations and another tweet critical of Trump. The administration then banned the park service from tweeting until Monday.

“No. There is nothing that has come from the White House,” Spicer said at the press briefing in answering a reporter’s initial question on whether the order came from White House. “Absolutely not,” he added.

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“I know in the Park Service over the weekend an unauthorized user had an old password … [and] in a San Francisco office went in and started tweeting inappropriate things that were in violation of their policy,” he explained. “That directive did not come from here.”

On Tuesday, an employee with the National Park Service using the official Badlands National Park Twitter Account began tweeting facts about climate change. Later, the employee stopped and the tweets were deleted.

A fake Badlands account, using the federal Park Service logo, tweeted out Wednesday a message opposing Trump’s plans to initiate an “order banning immigration of Muslims.” It added, “We don’t actually have a joke. That’s just fucked up.” @AltUSNPS retweeted it.

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