A vast majority of registered voters believe so-called “fake news” is damaging in the U.S., according to a new poll.

The poll, conducted by Fox News and released Tuesday, said that 84 percent of registered voters nationally say they’re “somewhat concerned” or “very concerned” that fake news is “hurting the country.”

Just 15 percent said they were “not very concerned” or “not at all concerned.”

The poll said, however, that most voters, 79 percent, are at least “somewhat confident” they can discern the difference between what is a hoax news story and which ones are legitimate.

Fake news is a term popularized by the news media during the 2016 campaign. It mostly identifies hoax stories that are published online and meant to resemble factual news articles.

Some say that fake news stories had at least some role in affecting the outcome of the election.

House passes major abortion bill

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Bill would ban federal funding for abortions and restrict Obamacare plans that cover abortions.

01/24/17 4:47 PM

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