No Americans who lost their plans under Obamacare will lose coverage again when Republicans replace the law, Rep. Tom Price said at a confirmation hearing Tuesday.

Price, who is President Trump’s nominee for health and human services secretary, was responding to a series of questions from Sen. Ron Wyden, top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee.

Wyden was drilling Price on whether repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act would result in coverage losses for some people. He asked Price to “guarantee” no one would lose coverage.

Price wouldn’t promise that everyone would be covered under a GOP replacement, but instead said everyone would be able to buy coverage if they want it. The difference is a key distinction between the two parties, as Democrats insist coverage must be widespread.

“What I commit to the American people is to keep patients at the center of healthcare and what that means to me is making sure every American has access to affordable health coverage,” Price said.

That answer didn’t appear to satisfy Wyden, who blasted an executive order last week from Trump to pull back on the healthcare law. If Prices uses his authority at HHS to stop enforcing or carrying out parts of the law, that could seriously damage the insurance markets, Wyden said.

“What the congressman is saying is the order could go into effect before there is a replacement plan,” Wyden said. “Experts say this is going to destroy the market on which millions of American families buy health coverage.”

Trump issued an order last week for HHS and other agencies involved in Obamacare to pull back on the law. In the meantime, Congress is working on a bill to repeal the healthcare law and possibly replace it.

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