Deborah Bebee took two connecting flights to get from northeast Montana to Washington, D.C. — nine hours in the air combined — to hear President Trump deliver his inaugural address, in which he promised to give power back to the American people and “make America great again.”

Those words are just a slogan to some, but they mean much more to supporters like Bebee. Featured on baseball caps everywhere in sight on Friday, the four words embody the hopes of his supporters for the future and something they believe, and desperately hope, that Trump can turn from a catchphrase into reality.

Bebee, 59, a native of Malta, Mt., used the term over and over again while waiting for Trump to appear, expressing a genuine belief that his overarching promise would be fulfilled over the next four years.

“When he says we’re going to make America great again, we believe that and it’s given us great hope … We’re really excited. We really are,” Bebee said. She said she wanted Trump to “continue the message of make America great again, because that gives us all hope.”

Trump’s supporters expect him to get right to work making the slogan come true.

“I hope today [Trump] does some of what he said he would, which would be to revoke, at least, some executive orders. It doesn’t matter to me which ones, frankly,” said Donna Nakagiri, 52, a native of Hartland, Mich. “I just want to see him get to work like he said he would.”

Nakagiri got her wish soon after inauguration ceremonies wrapped up. Trump signed his first executive actions Friday night, including one to “minimize the burden” of Obamacare, and another to allow Ret. Marine Gen. James Mattis to serve as his secretary of defense.

Some others in attendance said that they want him to fulfill his promise by repealing and replacing Obamacare, cracking down on illegal immigration, and by making sure trade deals are fair to the U.S.

In his speech Friday, Trump spoke directly to his supporters, vowing to take power out of Washington and give it “back to you, the people.” He said the “forgotten” people of the country “will be forgotten no more.” Both lines earned loud ovations from the onlookers, many of whom agree with Trump that America was once great, but has lost a step.

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“I just didn’t like the opposition,” said Nelson Gassman, 64, of Savannah, Ga., said when asked why he supported Trump. “I didn’t like their beliefs. I didn’t want to change to their America. I like the America I grew up in.”

On his first day, at least, Trump’s speech put him in the good graces of his supporters.

“It was awesome,” Bebee said, adding that it was “absolutely” worth the trip.

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