Ben Smith, editor in chief of the website Buzzfeed, called Monday for news organizations to adopt “new rules” in order to properly cover the Trump administration, and said that may even require sometimes publishing “unverified information.”

In an op-ed published Monday, Smith said President Trump and his team frequently push falsehoods and aren’t sufficiently transparent, and said a new type of journalism is needed to foster “trust” with the public.

“[W]e need to develop new rules that adhere to the core values of honesty and respect for our audience,” he wrote in the New York Times. “That means debunking falsehoods, and being transparent with readers about our process of reporting. Sometimes, it means publishing unverified information in a transparent way that informs our users of its provenance, its impact and why we trust or distrust it.”

Smith’s op-ed was a defense of his decision this month to publish an unsubstantiated report that alleged the Russian government has compromising personal and financial information on Trump.

“Our audience inhabits a complex, polluted information environment; our role is to help them navigate it — not to pretend it doesn’t exist,” he said of the still-unconfirmed details in the report.

Trump and his team have denied the allegations in the report and dismissed Smith’s website as a “failing pile of garbage” pushing “fake news.”

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