Actors, comedians and musicians took to Twitter on Friday to condemn President Trump during his inauguration.

“Americans are all colors, faiths, cultures & genders. We have voices. We refuse fear. We believe in the Dream,” singer Alicia Keys tweeted at Trump’s account. Keys previously performed at former President Obama’s 2013 inauguration.

“So, clearly, ‘I picked the right day to START sniffin’ glue,'” “Two and a Half Men” actor Charlie Sheen joked in a tweet, referencing the satirical film “Airplane” in which an air traffic controller laments that he just stopped several bad habits just before a potential air disaster.

Actor Alec Baldwin decided against writing a snarky tweet that was emblematic of his ongoing Twitter feud with Trump over his portrayal of the president every week on “Saturday Night Live,” in favor of a somber message to his followers.

Many Hollywood actors and musical artists had supported Democrat Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, and were disheartened by Trump’s victory Nov. 8. Trump notably had such trouble booking A-list artists to perform at his inauguration, after his team got rejected by Elton John, the Beach Boys and a Bruce Springsteen cover band, that he declared he didn’t want celebrities at his inauguration.

Other celebrities chimed in with messages alternating from serious to dark humor, or called people to participate in the following day’s Women’s March in Washington, including Chris Rock, Lena Dunham, Pharrell Williams and Sarah Silverman.

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