President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for CIA, Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo, on Wednesday will tell the House Intelligence Committee he plans to make the federal agency the world’s best espionage organization.

“It will be the CIA’s mission, and my own, if confirmed, to ensure the agency remains the best in the world at its core mission: collecting what our enemies do not want us to know. In short, the CIA must be the world’s premier espionage service,” Pompeo’s prepared remarks inform us.

“I will lead the Agency to aggressively pursue collection operations and ensure analysts have the time, political space, and resources to make objective and sound judgments,” Pompeo will add.

His message comes as Trump has occasionally disregarded intelligence reports about Russia’s hacking of Democratic officials.

In lobbying his former House Intelligence colleagues, Pompeo will vow to take off his cap as a policymaker and transition to his new role as an information provider.

“The director must stay clearly on the side of collecting intelligence and providing objective analysis to policymakers, including this committee,” Pompeo will say.

The former Army captain and Harvard Law grad will deem the current threat environment the U.S. is facing the “most complicated” in recent history.

Trump named Pompeo as his nomination for CIA in mid-November.

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