Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday dismissed a report that allegedly summarizes President-elect Trump’s connections to Russia as “crap,” and said there is no reason to think any of it is true.

BuzzFeed published a “dossier” outlining Russia’s purported efforts to woo Trump, but even BuzzFeed admitted the paper is unverifiable, and maybe cannot be verified.

Conway, who will be a senior counselor to President Trump, dismissed it entirely in an ABC News interview, and said even the name given to it, “dossier,” is overblown.

She said that’s a “very weighty, important-sounding word that I would also push back on.”

“It’s an Internet report,” she said. “There’s a lot of crap on the Internet, as we all know.”

Among other things, the report said Russia tried to ingratiate itself with Trump by letting him participate in “perverted sexual acts” and offering him land deals. It also said Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, met with Russia’s in Prague, but Cohen himself has rejected this, as did Conway on Wednesday.

“I was with Michael Cohen last night and the president-elect and other advisers. Michael Cohen has never been to Prague.”

“I don’t even think this is fake news,” she added. “I think it’s just fake.”

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