President Obama should stay involved in politics after he leaves office even if that means overstepping the usual role of an ex-president, a top House Democrat said Tuesday.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-MD, said on CNN Obama needs to act as a bulwark against Trump and Republican lawmakers when he leaves office. Ex-presidents typically keep a low profile when they leave the White House in a show of deference to the new chief executive, but Cummings said the times are such that Obama could change that.

“This is no time for political correctness,” Cummings said. “We’re talking about the future of America so when he goes out, I don’t want him to sit back and lay back and say I’m gonna vacation.”

“If you see things going wrong that will affect children yet unborn, I want him to do that,” he said.

Cummings brushed off worries that this could be seen as something other than the peaceful transfer of power. He said the future of the country was more important.

“It’s what we do at these moments that will affect my children and my great-grandchildren,” he said. “This is what I tell my constituents: This isn’t about me, this is about the future. So, I would hope the president would stand up and say what he’s gotta say, and I know that’s not politically correct.”

Obama is set to make his farewell address to the country Tuesday evening from Chicago, his adopted hometown. Cummings said the moment will be a chance for black people around the country to get one final message from a leader who has given them hope for years.

He said people in his Baltimore neighborhood walk around a little prouder because the Obamas have been in the White House for the last eight years.

“They used to think they could only become a basketball player or a football player,” Cummings said. “Now, they know they can be president of the United States.”

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