Democrats are calling on Republican senators to delay “rushed” confirmation hearings on President-elect Trump’s Cabinet nominees after the Office of Government Ethics said that some of his picks have not been properly vetted.

“It is unprecedented and deeply worrisome to hold confirmation hearings on President-elect Donald Trump’s nominees before basic ethics reviews are completed,” said DNC National Press Secretary Adrienne Watson in a statement Saturday.

“These rushed hearings must be delayed until the ethics reviews are finished, and if Trump and the GOP-led Senate fail to do so, the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn is that they are concerned about what will be exposed,” Watson added.

On Saturday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer revealed a letter he received from Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub, which said a number of Trump’s nominees for his Cabinet have not yet completed the ethics review process.

Some of Trump’s nominees are already scheduled for confirmation hearings as early as next week.

CNN reported that the nominees in question are Trump’s picks to lead the Homeland Security Department (John Kelly), Education Department (Betsy DeVos), Commerce Department (Wilbur Ross) and Housing and Urban Development (Ben Carson), citing a Senate Democratic source.

Schumer called his Republican colleagues to “stop trying to jam through unvetted nominees.”

The New York Democrat also said accused the Trump transition team for “collusion” with Senate Republicans “to jam through these cabinet nominees before they’ve been thoroughly vetted.”

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