Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey sent out a rare tweet Thursday praising the U.S. intelligence agents at a time when the incoming president has repeatedly questioned the intelligence community’s integrity and ability.

“Intelligence is hard, thankless work,” Dempsey wrote. “Fortunately, we have dedicated, patriotic, and courageous men and women on the job. Thanks.”

Dempsey sent out his tweet shortly after President-elect Trump criticized the Obama administration’s intelligence network after news outlets like NBC received information from sources and reported on a briefing about Russian hackers interfering with the presidential election given to Obama on Thursday, while Trump himself has yet to receive the briefing. Trump is expected to receive the briefing on Friday.

Dempsey is a retired Army general who served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff under Obama from 2011 to 2015. He now chairs USA Basketball.

In July he penned a letter in which he expressed his disapproval of former military officials who used their titles as a “political prize.” Dempsey singled out retired Marine Gen. John Allen and retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn after they made appearances at the Democratic and Republican conventions.

“They have just made the task of their successors — who continue to serve in uniform and are accountable for our security — more complicated. It was a mistake for them to participate as they did,” Dempsey wrote. “It was a mistake for our presidential candidates to ask them to do so.”

Flynn has since been picked to be Trump’s national security adviser.

In recent weeks Trump has assailed the U.S. intelligence community for concluding that Russian hackers meddled in the election that he won. Some intelligence officials have gone as far as to say that the authorization for the cyberattacks came from Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, in an effort to undermine Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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Trump expressed outrage on Tuesday when he said the briefing he was to receive on the “so-called” Russian cyberattacks was delayed until Friday, which some intelligence officials later disputed, saying it was always planned for Friday. He posited that the delay occurred because intelligence officials needed time to build a case.

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