WikiLeaks announced this week that it is offering tens of thousands of dollars to anybody who can provide evidence of Obama administration officials destroying “significant records.”

On its Twitter account Tuesday, the organization known for publishing secret information advertised a $20,000 reward in exchange for “information leading to the arrest or exposure of any Obama admin agent destroying significant records.”

The very next day, WikiLeaks bumped up the bounty to $30,000 “thanks to a donor stepping forward.”

It is unclear whether WikiLeaks is after any particular documents, but the sudden urgent call for evidence may have resulted from the Obama administration coming to a close in just over two weeks.

The group this week retweeted a tweet from November calling attention to an email from 2009 deleted from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server that was later recovered by the State Department. In the email, Blake Roberts, a deputy White House counsel for President Obama, wrote of a missing 2 terabyte hard drive at the National Archives containing records from the Clinton administration.

“They believe it was stolen. NARA has an identical copy of the drive, which it is analyzing,” he wrote. Blake noted that along with what was possibly personal information of Clinton staff, that there were three classified documents contained in the drive.

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The National Archives later sent notification letters to about 15,750 individuals whose names and social security numbers are on the hard drive that was missing. It has not been revealed whether NARA found the hard drive.

WikiLeaks has made headlines in the past year after the organization was given and published hacked emails from officials in the Clinton campaign as well as the Democratic National Committee.

Though U.S. intelligence officials point to Russia for meddling in the election that resulted in a victory for Republican Donald Trump, WikiLeaks founder said this week to Fox News’ Sean Hannity that “Our source is not the Russian government, and it is not a state party.”

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