House Republicans took the GOP’s first step toward dismantling Obama administration regulations Wednesday, passing the Midnight Rules Relief Act 238-184.

The bill would allow Congress to roll back en masse any rule issued in President Obama’s final year, using a disapproval resolution under the previously little-used Congressional Review Act.

“The EPA alone has promulgated $1 trillion worth of rules in the past 10 years, 75 percent of which came under the Obama administration,” the conservative group Freedom Works asserted in hailing the bill’s passage.

“Congress has the opportunity to reclaim its legislative authority by directly challenging federal bureaucrats through legislation that curtails the power wrongfully claimed by the executive branch.”

The legislation previously passed the House but died in the Senate. With President-elect Trump set to take office Jan. 20, House leaders are trying to tee up a raft of bills undoing Obama’s actions for the GOP-controlled Senate now that a Republican will wield the presidential pen at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

The vote came just hours after Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said he would begin a regulatory repeal effort focused on midnight energy and environment, including the controversial stream protection rule that would put a damper on coal mining in several states. The legislation would make it easier to meet the goal of McCarthy’s environmental regulations repeal agenda in the new Congress. And with Trump in the White House there is little worry that it would face a veto. The Obama White House already threatened to veto the measure if passed.

“While we haven’t yet determined what needs to be repealed first, I expect to start with swift action on at least on the Stream Protection Rule and methane emissions standards, both of which are limits to our energy production,” McCarthy said earlier in the day on the House floor.

He said the repeal effort won’t be quick, but it is necessary to restore the American peoples’ trust in government.

“This process won’t be completed quickly, but as we remove harmful regulations and change the structure of Washington, draining the bureaucratic swamp that undermines the will of the people, we can rebuild trust between the people and their government again,” he added.

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The two regulations he said will likely be targeted first include the stream protection regulations for the coal industry put in place by Interior last month and methane regulations developed by the Environmental Protection Agency for the oil and natural gas industry.

Jack Gerard, president and CEO of the oil industry group American Petroleum Institute, said in a major policy speech delivered Wednesday in Washington that many of the regulations imposed on the are both unnecessary and costly to the American consumer.

Gerard said there are 145 regulations imposed or proposed on the industry that he would like to see “reexamined, revised or removed” in the 115th Congress.

“We must reexamine the regulatory onslaught of the last few years that has proposed or imposed some 145 regulations and other executive actions on our industry and instead work to implement smart energy regulations that are focused on the consumer, help to grow our economy, protect workers and continue to improve the environment,” Gerard said. “It is our view that regulations that do not align with those basic and commonsense goals should be reexamined, revised or removed to make way for smarter and forward-looking energy policies.”

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