Former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson met with two Democratic members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, as he looks to address mounting concerns about his ties to Russia in advance of his confirmation hearings for secretary of state.

Aides to Sens. Ben Cardin of Maryland and Chris Coons of Delaware confirmed to the Washington Examiner that both men met privately with Tillerson, who was nominated last month for the top diplomatic position and has since become the subject of intense scrutiny from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who fear he would be too friendly toward Moscow as the head of the State Department.

“I want to know whether he has a clear-eyed view of Putin’s Russia, their aggression towards the U.S. in hacking our election, their aggression in Crimea and eastern Ukraine [and] their role in massacres in Aleppo,” Coons, who has vowed to give Tillerson a fair hearing before the Senate, told the Washington Post ahead of their sit-down.

“If he’s going to be secretary of state, I need to hear clarity from him,” the Delaware Democrat added. Coons had previously told reporters he felt Tillerson was ultimately chosen to lead the State Department because Trump connected with the Texas oil executive on a more personal level due to their similar business backgrounds.

An aide to Cardin, the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, declined to comment when pressed for details about the senator’s meeting with Tillerson.

Tillerson stepped down as chief executive of Exxon on Jan. 1 and is set to receive a $180 million retirement package as part of his deal to sever ties with the oil giant. He is slated to appear before the Senate on Jan. 11, the same day Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions is expected to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of his confirmation hearing for U.S. attorney general.

In addition to meeting with Cardin and Coons, Tillerson is set to meet with one of his greatest skeptics, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., later this week. He will meet with Sen. Cory Gardiner R-Colo., Thursday.,

“I want to hear from him on a whole range of concerns that I have,” McCain told Politico on Tuesday.

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