At 12:01 today, a few dozen men and women will become former congressmen and former senators. If you know how Washington works, you know that “former lawmaker” can safely be translated as “lobbyist.”

Most lawmakers wait a few weeks before announcing their new job on the other side of the revolving door. But for some, the moneymaking can’t wait, and they are publicly hustling for clients before the week is over—or even sooner.

Republican former Senator Saxby Chambliss announced his K Street job on January 8, 2015. Two years earlier, Kit Bond, the former GOP senator from Missouri, announced his K Street gig on January 5, the same day Democratic congressman Earl Pomeroy (who lost his seat due to his support of Obamacare) was announced as the head of a lobbying firm’s health-care practice.

Will anyone beat that record this year?

Maybe one of the two GOP Senators to lose reelection this year, Mark Kirk or Kelly Ayotte. Both are very industry-friendly, as seen by both’s ferocious support for the Export-Import Bank. Dan Coats was already a revolving-door lobbyist, and so when he exits the Senate again, will his old job be waiting for him?

Harry Reid was an expert at entangling industry lobbyist cash and his public power. He has former chiefs of staff on K Street. He kind of hates most senators, but Democratic senators clearly loved (or at least feared) him.

Will the women lean in? Barbaras Mikulski and Boxer have always been industry-friendly lawmakers. Mikulski was incredibly close to the defense industry.

Charlie Rangel expertly blended fundraising and policymaking. In his first two years as Ways & Means chairman, he outraised every previous Ways & Means chairman combined. Is there any doubt he’ll cash out big, and quickly?

Other top House candidates for quickest cash-out would be former lobbyist David Jolly (R-Fla.) and former Transportation Committee Chairman John Mica (R-Fla.).

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Who knows, maybe we’ll have our newest lobbyist before 5 pm today. Watch this space!

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