House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy doesn’t think the method in which the House GOP stripped a congressional ethics watchdog of its independence was politically expedient, but he’ll vote for the change anyway.

McCarthy, R-Calif., told MSNBC Tuesday he didn’t support the decision to place the independent Office of Congressional Ethics under the jurisdiction of the House Ethics Committee, making Congress in charge of policing itself on ethics violations. He said it should have been done in a different venue in order to have better buy-in from Democrats.

“If it would have been done in a different manner, you would have had bipartisan support for it,” he said.

That’s because a bipartisan task force had recommended changes to the office in order to give lawmakers greater due process when they are accused of ethics violations, McCarthy said.

He said the use of anonymous tips was a problem because it didn’t allow lawmakers to know who was accusing them of wrongdoing.

“People have a right to defend themselves if they’re being accused of something,” he said. “Let them go through and have an investigation before they’re tried in the papers and the media.”

But McCarthy said the decision to make the move, which also prohibits the office from taking alleged criminal violations to police and speaking with the public, behind closed doors wasn’t the best way to do it.

House Republicans voted in a closed-door conference meeting Monday evening to make the decision. It will go to a public vote on Tuesday, but it’s expected the entire GOP conference will fall in line to vote for the rules package as is customary.

McCarthy said he plans to vote for the rules package despite having concerns about the changes to the watchdog, which would become the Office of Congressional Complaint Review.

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