The U.N. is demanding that humanitarian aid to be delivered rapidly around the country. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel)

The United Nations Security Council approved a resolution supporting a cease-fire deal between the Syrian government and rebel armies which, if successful, would end nearly six years of war.

The U.N. is also demanding that humanitarian aid to be delivered rapidly around the country.

Russia had heavily pressured the U.N. to support the truce, which has so far created a pause in clashes and air strikes, although rebel groups say they’ll back out of it if the government attempts to make advancements in an area northwest of Damascus.

The Free Syrian Army has said it’s “fully committed to the cease-fire” but on Saturday accused the government and Iranian militias of “brazen violations” in the area.

“Continued violations by the regime and bombardment and attempts to attack areas under the control of the revolutionary factions will make the agreement null and void,” said a statement signed by a number of rebel groups.

While Russia is supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad, several other members of the Security Council including the U.S., U.K. and France are insisting he must step down as part of any deal to end the conflict.

The cease-fire, which is the third this year, appears to be on shaky ground as each side accuses the other of violating it although it began just a day ago. Russia’s defense ministry said Friday that rebels had violated the truce a dozen times in 24 hours.

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