President-elect Donald Trump kicked an author who had written a book critical of the billionaire off his golf course on Friday.

Harry Hurt, who wrote Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump, approached the president-elect on Friday at Trump International Golf Club to congratulate him on his victory, according to a Facebook post by Hurt.

Trump then lashed out at Hurt for the “shit” he wrote about him. Hurt responded, “It’s all true.”

A transition official told Politico that Trump told Hurt “you’re out of here.” Hurt wrote on Facebook that Trump said it was “inappropriate” for him to play at his golf club.

Hurt, who has at the club with billionaire industrialist David Koch, said Trump had his security detail escort the duo to the parking lot. According to the Facebook post, Koch was “appalled,” calling Trump “petty and vulgar.”

But another golfing partner, GOP donor John M. Damgard, told Politico that neither he nor Koch heard the exchange.

“Harry just said he had been asked to leave,” Damgard said. “I thought he was kidding. And then I learned that there had been some previous bad blood between them from back in the ’90s apparently.”

Hurt’s 1993 book on Trump revealed Ivana Trump in a sworn deposition had accused her ex-husband of “rape.”

Trump denied the allegation, and Ivana Trump later said her use of the word “rape” was not meant to be interpreted in “a literal or criminal sense.”

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“Rather than exacerbate something that wasn’t going to go very well, we just decided to get into the car and leave,” Damgard said.

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