First the Rockettes, now the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

One member of that famed worship choir has resigned rather than sing for President-elect Donald Trump at his inauguration on January 20.

“I could never ‘throw roses to Hitler,'” singer Jan Chamberlin wrote on Facebook this week in a post that has since been taken down. “And I certainly could never sing for him.”

She wrote that she had to resign from the choir rather than sing at Trump’s inaugural after spending “several days and nights in turmoil and agony” because to sing for Trump would amount to an “endorsement” of fascism.

Chamberlin wrote that she could never “look myself in the mirror with self-respect” if she did that.

Her conflict over singing at Trump’s inaugural in some ways reflects Mormon tensions in the state of Utah over the president-elect.

The Deseret News, published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ran what amounted to an unendorsement of Trump — but for moral, not political, reasons.

He did win there on election day, yet conservative Mormon challenge candidate Evan McMullin managed the best third party showing in all 50 states.

Doug Gibson is an active Latter-day Saint and former journalist in Ogden, Utah who had defended the decision of the Tabernacle Choir to sing at Trump’s inaugural.

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On Friday night, he also defended Chamberlin’s decision to resign rather than sing at the prestigious political event.

“Some have said that because choir members are considered missionaries, she should have performed. But equally important is a church member’s agency,” Gibson told the Washington Examiner.

“She handled that well. She resigned from the choir and explained her reasons. She didn’t demand the choir not perform, or lecture church leaders. I may disagree with her but I respect her decision.”

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