"Trump's too insecure about his win to ever fully acknowledge Russia's meddling," said former Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon. (Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg)

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign spokesman suggested Thursday that he believes President-elect Donald Trump’s team may have been complicit in Russian cyberattacks interfering with the election.

In a pair of tweets, Brian Fallon said, he doesn’t think Trump will ever come around and accept the conclusion by U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia is directly guilty for hacking into the email accounts of Democrats during the election.

“Let’s acknowledge reality,” Fallon tweeted. “Trump’s too insecure about his win to ever fully acknowledge Russia’s meddling. Congress must press ahead w/o him.”

He added: “At this point, Trump officials interviewed as part of any Congressional investigation on Russia should be questioned as hostile witnesses.”

The Obama administration announced sanctions against Russia to retaliate against the cyberattacks. Trump reacted to the sanctions, calling on the country to “move on,” but said he would nevertheless meet with intelligence officials in order to be fully apprised of the situation.

U.S. intelligence officials have not tied the Russia cyberattacks to anyone within the Trump campaign or transition team, but some have said that Russia’s motivation was specifically to undermine Democrat Hillary Clinton’s election chances.

Earlier this month Clinton herself blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for playing an integral role in her Election Day defeat.

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