President-elect Trump’s brief press conference Wednesday generated a lot of social media buzz from journalists and pundits, not just for what he said about Russia and the future of his business, but because of who he was standing next to.

Holding a bundle of flags, which included American and Israeli flags, former boxing promoter Don King shared some thoughts with reporters on the Israel-Palestianian conflict.

“The Israeli flag is about peace, you know, peace in the Middle East,” King said at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla. “We want everyone to come together and as one unit and make things happen.”

King said Trump is “the leader that can make it happen.”

King’s colorful outfit became a subject of mockery for some on Twitter.

Liberal political comedian Bill Maher, host of the HBO show “Real Time,” said, “Anyone worried about the next 4 yrs, just look at Trump today w/ Don King in a wizard costume and a giant Trump button and tell me..oh Jesus.”

Meanwhile, Linette Lopez, senior finance correspondent for Business Insider, thought she was seeing a “crack head” version of King Jaffe Joffer, who is the king of fictional African country Zamunda — played by James Earl Jones — in the 1988 comedy “Coming to America.”

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Tweet ends with an emoji giving the middle finger.

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“Even for this transition,” Sacramento Bee associate editor Foon Rhee found the image of Trump and King standing together “truly bizarre.”

Others questioned why King, who made a career out of working with and promoting boxing legends like Muhammad Ali and George Forman, was discussing the sensitive Middle East issue with the next commander-in-chief.

“I didn’t think we’d reach the point where we ask Don King about Israel/Palestinian conflict, but what do I know,” said Salvador Hernandez of Buzzfeed.

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“You people are making that a big deal.”

12/28/16 8:54 PM

One journalist wondered if because King has killed two people — one in self-defense and ruled to be “justifiable homicide”; the other ruled second-degree murder, but King was later pardoned — there would have been “uproar” if King had made a similar appearance with President Obama.

Still, not all of the social media commentary of negative.

Radio host Carmine Sabia mused about the prospects of Trump and King performing together in a “buddy cop movie.”

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