The man behind Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention speech will also write the president-elect’s inauguration address.

Stephen Miller, who was recently named Trump’s senior policy adviser, will pen the speech, according to a report. The 31-year-old also wrote most of Trump’s major prepared speeches throughout election season and often served as his “warm-up act” at rallies.

Miller has also worked with Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, whom Trump nominated for attorney general.

According to Politico, Miller has spent the last week at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida consulting with people both in and out of the campaign and putting the speech together.

Trump’s inauguration address is expected to carry a similar tone as his RNC one, emphasizing crime, terrorism, the education system, border security, the nation’s military and outsourcing of jobs.

Yet, the Trump team has been relatively quiet about details of Inauguration Day, saying only that “unity” will be a major theme.

Speculation also swirls about whether the president-elect will use a teleprompter. Trump began his presidential campaign bashing the devices but then warmed to them late in the general election. The last president to not use a teleprompter for his inauguration address was Ronald Reagan.

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