There are growing suggestions that Trump transition spokesman Jason Miller’s announcement Saturday evening that he would not take the White House communications director position he had publicly accepted just two days earlier was spurred by a sex scandal.

According to Politico, which quoted anonymous sources, fellow Trump transition aide A.J. Delgado described details of an affair she had with Miller in emails to senior transition officials on Thursday.

Although Miller said in a statement issued on Christmas Eve that he had decided not to take the job after spending the holidays with his family, a series of cryptic tweets by Delgado about Miller touched off a firestorm of speculation about why he had backed out of the prestigious West Wing position.

“When people need to resign graciously and refuse to, it’s a bit … spooky,” Delgado wrote Saturday in a tweet that has since been deleted along with her entire Twitter account. Mediaite and the New York Daily News managed to preserve screenshots of the tweets.

Delgado, who served as a campaign surrogate for Trump and has since worked on his transition team, noted Miller “needed to resign … yesterday” and called him the “2016 version of John Edwards” and “the baby-daddy.”

Edwards, a former Democratic presidential candidate, secretly fathered a child with campaign aide Rielle Hunter, a woman with whom he had a years-long affair as his wife grew sicker and eventually died from breast cancer.

Miller and Delgado first generated headlines when the two were caught visiting a high-end strip club in Las Vegas ahead of the final presidential debate in October. Another Trump campaign aide, Jessica Ditto, and several members of the media from CNN, ABC and NBC reportedly joined the two on their outing.

Sean Spicer, who President-elect Trump had named as his White House press secretary, will reportedly assume Miller’s communications director duties.

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