Former “Meet the Press” host David Gregory on Sunday said President Obama has had an “elitist” view of the media, thinking of it as a frivolous nuisance that interfered with his important work.

“The president has a bit of an elitist view — not a bit — an elitist view that the media is silly,” the longtime journalist said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

Gregory, who currently is a political analyst for CNN, went on to clarify his comments.

“Some he respected, but he was very deliberate about those he respected and those he didn’t,” Gregory said.

According to Gregory, Obama thought there was “the game and the noise” of media that he believed was “silly and that undermined the serious things he was trying to do.”

President-elect Trump has been critical in a different way of the media. Throughout his presidential campaign Trump slammed the media for treating him poorly and misquoting him.

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