Jimmy Carter recently announced to his Sunday school class in Georgia that he plans to attend the Jan. 20 event. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Only one former president has indicated he will attend President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration next month.

Jimmy Carter recently announced to his Sunday school class in Georgia that he plans to attend the Jan. 20 event.

George W. Bush and Bill Clinton will make a decision in the coming weeks, according to Politico.

A spokesman for George H.W. Bush told Politico the 41st president won’t attend inauguration because of his age. The former president is 92.

Neither of the two Bushes endorsed Trump during campaign after a brutal primary against Jeb Bush.

The Clinton camp has been divided over whether Bill Clinton should attend the inauguration.

A source close to former Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign told Politico that the former president is leaning toward skipping the event.

It wouldn’t be the first time a former president didn’t attend.

The Bushes skipped Obama’s second inauguration in 2013 because of the elder Bush’s health.

Baldwin: Trump inauguration is start of 'countdown to when he will be gone

Also from the Washington Examiner

For actor Alec Baldwin, Inauguration Day represents the beginning of the end of President-elect Trump.

About two hours after Trump tweeted that he’s not interested in allowing ‘A’ list celebrities attend his inauguration on Jan. 20, Baldwin sent out a flurry of tweets Thursday in which he speculates about the day “the most reviled candidate in our history” will become president.

“Unwanted by a significant majority … of voters,” Baldwin tweeted. “A man who has projected little other than an empty braggadocio and synthetic rhetoric about both his qualifications and plans … but Inauguration Day means the beginning of the countdown to when he will be gone. And he will be gone.January 20. The countdown begins.

12/22/16 10:57 PM

Gerald Ford skipped George W. Bush’s second inauguration in 2005, when the former president was 91.

Newsrooms are sanitizing that Ivanka Trump harassment story

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Coverage of the incident had centered almost entirely on Lasner’s say-so.

12/22/16 4:13 PM

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