Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway will be a counselor to President-elect Trump in the White House. (Rex Features via AP Images)

President-elect Trump on Thursday named Kellyanne Conway counselor to the president.

Trump said that position would allow Conway to “continue her role as a close advisor to the president and will work with senior leadership to effectively message and execute the Administration’s legislative priorities and actions.”

“Kellyanne Conway has been a trusted advisor and strategist who played a crucial role in my victory,” Trump said in a statement. “She is a tireless and tenacious advocate of my agenda and has amazing insights on how to effectively communicate our message.”

“I want to thank the President-elect for this amazing opportunity,” Conway said. “A Trump presidency will bring real change to Washington and to Americans across this great nation.”

Conway had been rumored as a contender for a White House position for several weeks, after having helping guide Trump to an election victory over Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8. She had said she was open to some position in the White House, but had also indicated that she was worried about how busy she might be as a mother of four children.

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