Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell kept a low profile in the weeks ahead of the presidential election, a move that may have been intentional because he did not think President-elect Trump was going to win.

The senior Kentucky senator admitted six weeks after the election that he thought Republicans would be forced to give up their majority in the Senate and doubted that the billionaire businessman would be able to beat out Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I honestly thought we wouldn’t hold the U.S. Senate,” McConnell told Kentucky Educational Television’s “One to One” Monday evening. “I thought we’d come up short, and I didn’t think President Trump had a chance of winning.”

It was only in the week prior to the election that the quiet senator took the stage at a rally in Kentucky and urged his constituents to make Trump the “most powerful Republican in America.”

McConnell credited Trump’s win to connecting with working-class voters in the Rust Belt and recruiting Democratic-aligned voters with his message of bringing back jobs.

“It was a lot of feeling among just ordinary people all across the country that the current administration didn’t care about them … and Trump was able to convey, oddly enough, a message from a billionaire who lives in Manhattan a genuine concern [to those] who feel kind of left out,” McConnell added.

Democrats and others who did not vote for Trump have “no more” to be alarmed about “than we [Republicans] were in 2009 when Barack Obama” had majorities in the House and Senate, according to McConnell.

“I don’t expect them to support most of what we’re trying to do, we didn’t support most of what they were trying to do,” McConnell said, adding that people need to move on.

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