A federal judge issued an initial sign-off on Tuesday evening of a $25 million settlement between President-elect Donald Trump and parties suing his Trump University real estate school.

U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel issued preliminary approval and set a March 30 court hearing to consider objections from students in the program, according to a report. Students spent between $1,500 for a three-day seminar and $35,000 for an in-person mentorship. If the deal closes, they would receive about half of that amount.

Jason Forge, the leading lawyer for the parties suing Trump over his former real estate program, told the court in mid-November the plaintiffs will “put our best efforts into” settling the civil case outside of court with the president-elect’s legal team.

Following Curiel’s recommendation, the two have agreed to rely on Southern District Court Judge Jeffrey Miller to mediate their negotiations.

Trump’s lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, said he plans to file a motion to delay any more actions until after Trump is sworn into the Oval Office in January because the case has entered “unchartered territory,” legally speaking.

Trump University will have to pay the $25 million to finance the settlement by Jan. 18, just two days before Trump is sworn into office. If it does not come up with the money, Trump himself will be on the hook for it.

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