Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said Monday night that he hasn’t been happy with the media during his time in the House, and said it’s too often rushing to be first instead of worried about being right.

“I’ve been really disappointed in the media since I’ve been in Congress,” Gowdy said at an event in his home state sponsored by Concerned Veterans for America.

“I think there is a blurring of the line between the opinion page and the news page,” he said. “And I can take you to the headlines of almost any website on the Internet right now, and you will say, ‘well that’s opinion, that’s subjective, not objective.'”

Gowdy argued that the press is overly worried about “balance,” which in some cases can mean a story quotes both sides of an issue, even if both sides are wrong.

“To them, they’ve done their job,” Gowdy said. “They have quoted this person who’s wrong, and this person who’s equally wrong, therefore it’s balanced.”

“I think the goal ought to be to be accurate, not to be balanced,” he said. “And there is a movement in the media now that it is more important to be first than to be right.”

Gowdy warned the press that they are now less popular than Congress, which is usually at or near the bottom of the list when it comes to popularity.

“So, as a member of the least popular profession on the face of the Earth, I think it would do them well to analyze why they would be increasingly giving us a run for our money as to who the least popular entity on Earth is,” he said.

“The polling I see indicates people trust and believe the media less than ever before.”

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