The chief negotiator for the Palestine Liberation Organization predicted “bloodshed” and a cessation all of diplomatic relations with Israel if America under Donald Trump moves its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

Speaking from Jericho on a conference call hosted by the Wilson Center Monday, Saeb Erekat damned President-elect Trump’s selection of David Friedman as ambassador, “a very well known extreme rightwing supporter of settlers, supporter of annexation of East Jerusalem”

The PLO negotiator further said that if Friedman follows through on his early statement to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel’s functional capital though one that is disputed by the United Nations, “this region is going to go down the drains of bloodshed and extremism.”

Erekat said that the consequences would be dreadful indeed and promised that he personally would not be a party to it.

“I’m still the chief negotiator for the Palestinians … If the embassy moves to East Jerusalem, I will not be the negotiator anymore. I will stop negotiating with Israel and can assure you that the PLO will revoke its recognition of the state of Israel and will revoke all agreements signed,” he said.

He also predicted dire diplomatic consequences in the surrounding Arab states if a Trump administration makes that leap.

“I don’t think the US will have embassies in the Arab world. Mark my words on that,” he said.

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