President-elect Trump and the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee may be able to find common ground in 2017 in their condemnation of over-budget defense programs, despite friction between the two big personalities during the campaign.

On the campaign trail, Trump and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., repeatedly butted heads over issues such as torture and the businessman’s criticism of McCain for being captured as a prisoner of war.

But since the election, Trump has tweeted out criticisms of the Air Force One replacement program and the F-35 acquisition program for being overbudget.

“It could have just as easily been Sen. McCain sending those messages. He’s been a vocal advocate for reform in defense acquisition community,” said Tom Spoehr, the director of the Center for National Defense at the Heritage Foundation.

Andrew Hunter, an expert with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, agreed that the two men may find some common ground on acquisition reform and oversight, but the tone of the relationship will likely come mostly from how Trump’s administration handles foreign affairs.

“He absolutely shares some of the concerns the president-elect has expressed on acquisition, but ultimately it will be Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Russia that will determine the nature of the relationship,” Hunter said.

McCain has already broken from Trump’s rhetoric about reports that Russia hacked Democrats in order to influence the election. Another point of contention between the two men could be the weight they put on national security, Hunter said. While Trump said the country’s One-China policy could be used as a negotiating chip for trade deals, McCain and other security-minded lawmakers say national security would be a higher priority than trade.

Hunter predicted that Trump will have a closer relationship with Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, and chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, both because the administration is historically closer with the House and because of Thornberry’s personality as a “very collaborative person.”

The two already have points of agreement. Trump talked on the campaign trail about growing the Navy and investing in the military, something that Thornberry included in his version of the National Defense Authorization Act, including more littoral combat ships, F-35 joint strike fighters and soldiers to keep the Army from shrinking, Spoehr said.

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Yet Trump’s promises of higher defense spending could create a point of contention between him and Thornberry. Hunter said Trump’s naming of Rep. Mick Mulvaney to head the Office of Management and Budget could mean that House Armed Services Committee members will not see as large of a budget boost as they had hoped. Mulvaney has been a vocal opponent of the congressional tactic of increasing the defense budget by adding funds to the overseas contingency operations account, which is not subject to spending caps.

Hunter, however, did say he thinks Trump will get behind the push for reform that has dominated defense conversations on Capitol Hill in recent years.

“I think he’s definitely been very consistent in sending the message that he wants to shake things up,” Hunter said. “He’s going to have a receptive audience for that with both McCain and Thornberry.”

Hunter also said to look to Congress in shaping the specifics of the broad policy agenda Trump lays out.

“A lot of the details and how that shapes into direct policies and changes the budget, that’s where Congress is going to play a pretty decisive role,” he said.

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