Kellyanne Conway, senior adviser to President-elect Trump’s transition team, vowed Tuesday to rein in the power of political consultants, in addition to that of lobbyists.

“Draining the swamp is not just about lobbying and politicians, it’s also about consultants,” Conway said during an interview on “The Laura Ingraham Show” radio program on Tuesday.

Consulting has emerged as a work-around for influence-peddlers hoping to avoid registering as lobbyists in Washington. The industry includes consultants who offer guidance and advice to campaigns in exchange for generous fees.

Conway railed against what she called “staff infection,” or the class of political and campaign consultants who charged “gross retainers” but offered few new ideas.

“There’s no more no-show jobs for consultants,” she said.

Trump’s closing campaign argument involved a promise to “drain the swamp” of those who profit from pushing special interests in the nation’s capital.

Conway also promised a quick resolution to Trump’s business entanglements after the president-elect postponed a Dec. 15 press conference during which he had been slated to unveil a path forward for his multi-billion dollar corporation.

“All of that is being discussed and, frankly, organized,” Conway said. “It is complex, but it is being worked on feverishly.”

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