Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., argued Tuesday that former President Bill Clinton is trying to delegitimize President-elect Trump by reminding voters that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, when Clinton should instead by helping to unite the country.

Trump used Twitter on Tuesday morning to fire back at Clinton, after the former president said Trump “doesn’t know much” except how to rile up white voters.

On CNN, Collins defended Trump’s tweets by saying they aren’t a sign of insecurity, and instead are a legitimate way to call out Clinton’s “inappropriate” remarks.

“Just yesterday, Bill Clinton, as he was casting his Electoral College vote for his wife, went out again and said, let’s remember, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote,” Collins said. “So, Bill Clinton continues to be one of those people who doesn’t want to let go, wants to refer to Donald Trump as the Electoral College president.”

“I thought that was totally inappropriate by former President Clinton, to again kind of gin up the Democrats who want to claim that Donald Trump’s not the legitimate president-elect of the United States,” added Collins, who was an early endorser of Trump and is on Trump’s transition team.

“That was just yesterday,” Collins said. “I don’t blame Donald Trump at all. That was totally inappropriate by former President Clinton, to make the comments he did.”

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