A Republican elector from Texas on Monday defended his plan to vote against President-elect Trump today, and it’s time for others to follow in an effort to deny Trump the White House.

“This is, unfortunately, the first time I think we’ve needed to use it as a nation, but it’s time to pull the brake,” Christopher Suprun said on CNN.

Electors around the country will meet to cast their votes Monday, and most will do so according to the results of their state. Trump easily won Texas, and should win 38 electoral votes today.

But Suprun rejects the idea that his vote automatically has to go to the winner.

“If I’m a rubber stamp, that’s exactly what I’m supposed to do,” he said.

Suprun is the only elector to say publicly he’ll vote against Trump, and 36 others would be needed to deny Trump the 270 votes needed to claim victory. While the odds are against Suprun, he said Trump hasn’t earned his vote.

“I’ve been hoping he would become the president we all want him to be,” he said. “He keeps proving me wrong.”

Once the votes are in Monday, Congress will convene on Jan. 6 to tally up the Electoral College vote and declare a winner.

Based on the Nov. 8 vote, Trump earned 306 electoral votes, and Clinton won 232.

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