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“Saturday Night Live” warned it could be “the very last Christmas” so savor the final days of Barack Obama as president.

“It’s been a dope eight years but now we got one last Christmas with Barack Obama,” Kenan Thompson and Chance the Rapper sang.

In the ode to the outgoing president, the two urge gay people to get married, quickly let in undocumented immigrants and take care of medical issues before Obamacare is repealed.

“Kids enjoy the presents while you can. Next year you might get a bomb from Iran,” Thompson and the rapper sing.

The song also touched on President-elect Trump’s meeting with Kanye West earlier this week, suggesting the rapper’s appearance at Trump Tower has made Obama smoke again.

“Even Kanye is endorsing him. Got Obama back smoking Newports again,” calling Obama the possible last black president.

Trump offers conciliatory response to first lady: 'We have tremendous hope

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President-elect Trump said he believed the first lady misspoke when she said hope was fleeting.

12/17/16 6:25 PM

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